Source files
List of source files used for creating the final series of the National Accounts project. For files listed in each category a separate Access database has been created.
Revenues & Expenditure Goverment
Commodity Price Data
Revenues from Inheritances
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 B1101A-C Occupational censuses 1807 and 1811
 O1463 Tax revenues Government 1850-1913
 O1464 Expenditure Government for poor relief 1850-1913
 B1471-B1477 Revenues and expenditure of various Governmental funds
 B1478 Revenues and expenditure provinces 1850-1913
 B1479-B1480 Municipal revenues and expenditure for primary education and poor relief, 1858-1913
 B1481-B1485 Revenues and expenditure of various Governmental funds
 B1486 Municipal accounts, 1850 and 1913
 O1490 Final series total revenues and expenditure Government, 1850-1913
 O1491 Value added Government 1850-1913
 O1492-O1494 Core figures education I
 O1495-O1498  Core figures education II
 B3301  Expenditure Government 1844-1849
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 B1801 Paper mills and barrels, 1800-1850
 B1802 Prices of paper, 1800-1850
 B1803 Excise revenues, 1806-1850
 B1804 Industrial survey, 1806, 1811-1812
 B1805 Taxed milled grain, 1834-1853
 B1806 Exemption of excise on milling, 1834-1850
 B1807 Industrial survey, 1806 and 1811-1813
 B1809 Exemption of excise on fuel, soap, salt and distilled, 1834-1842
 B1810 Windmills in the "Zaanstreek", 1800-1850
 B1814 Production canvas manufactory "Krommenie", 1725-1861
 B1816 Steam engines on the basis of inspection reports, 1816-1850
 B1819 Production textile industry Leiden, 1799-1850
 B1821 Water barges for the Amsterdam brewers, 1795-1840
 B1824 Copper production of the "Vaassense kopermolen" [copper mill of Vaassen], 1816-1844
 B1825 Factory survey, 1812
 B1826 Exemption of excise Noord Holland, 1834-1842
 B1827 Prices of wool "Le Poole", 1808-1850
 B1828 Monthly production of textile of the firm "Blijdenstein", August 1805-July 1812
 B1829 Monthly production of textile of the firm "Blijdenstein", August 1805-December 1850
 B1831 Governmental regulation on the maximum prices of bread in the provinces of Overijssel, Utrecht and Zuid-Holland in 1826
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A. Market prices:
 B1902 Legumes, vegetables, seeds
 B1903 Dairy products
 B1904 Meat, fish
 B1905 Combustibles
 B1906 Wool
 B1907 Monthly prices: Noord-Brabant
 B1908 Monthly prices: Zeeland
 B1909 Provincial grain prices; Groningen 1861-1913, all provinces 1837-1847
B. Institutional prices:
foodstuffs and combustibles
 B1933-B1937 textiles, clothing, yarn
 B1938 miscellaneous
C. Company archives and public services:
 B1939-B1945 textiles
 B1946-B1948 foodstuffs
 B1949-B1950 ceramics
 B1951-B1954 miscellaneous
D. Bread:
 B1955 bread prices
E. Retail:
 B1956 retail prices
F. wholesale:
 B1957-B1961 wholesale prices
REVENUES FROM INHERITANCES       Download      Go up
 B2001 Revenues of death duty, 1820-1830
 B2002 Capital in collateral inheritances, 1806/08
 B2003 Yearly figures of revenues "uit de dode hand" [inheritance], 1818-1911
 O2004 Yearly figures of revenues from capital, 1807-1912
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